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From Helen Mary Braithwaite

I have finally got the drainage work done on my food forest site so hope to have some photos to share when I get the hedging in. Also, I am getting an Incredible Edible site going at a local church as a first step to community outreach. I’m hoping to write at more length soon.

Thanks to those of you who put a shout out about adopting my friend's flock of six hens following her accident. Happily, they were all re-homed locally.

It feels like spring already! Hoping you are all well.

Helen Mary

From Nigel Stewart

News on Finnish scientists talking about rising real costs of energy production, so a diminishing return across the board for energy for people to use. AND increased cost of that use, like climate change, and environmental destruction, all published in an article here.

So a gear change is necessary, Permaculture, Multi-LETS, move FAST.

I sometimes feel that very few people realise that it is up to us to change the velocity of this vehicle, BEFORE we hit the brick wall - after it is all blood and guts on the pavement!

Not to bring you down. MEANWHILE, we have a little choice, and some scope for action.

All the very best to all, even unto the seventh generation!

Nigel, in Brussels, Belgium

Tim Morgan's blog is always a good read on this topic - at Surplus Energy Economics - Ed