Winter reading

We make some suggestions

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Winter Reading

Woolly socks on, adjust the reading lamps and join us in a good read.

Sara Steeles

Here are my 2 recommendations and also the book I am about to start reading.

The Secret Network of Nature - Peter Wohlleben

The Secret Network of Nature

Entertaining and eye opening read... answers questions you've never knew needed asking. Makes you ask even more questions! How are worms and wild boar linked? How do wolves alter the course of a river?

Miraculous Abundance - Perrine & Charles Hervé-Gruyer


A great read through the trials, tribulations and eventual successes of a small farm. loads of lessons to learn from this book, I will read it again!

About to start... Underland - Robert McFarlane


Holistic Management

Podcast: Will and Ben

Will and Ben
Will and Ben

Angus Soutar

On Growth and Form
On Growth and Form

This is one for the home library, rather than a cover-to-cover read. With an impressive insight into patterns in Nature, there is something for everyone who likes to dip in to a book and reflect on the magic of the world around us. First published in 1917, with the author's own drawings, the book now looks old fashioned. Yet it still leaves many of today's scientists perplexed, suggesting that Nature is both more simple and more complex than we are often led to believe.