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You may submit requests for help with projects here.

Notices from the Northern School of Permaculture

Northern Edge newsletter

The on-line version of Northern Edge is designed to minimise our publishing efforts. It is a community service rather than a commercial one and we would like to expand our editorial team and share that load more evenly. Ther is a gap in our team for a photo editor. A quick look at the images here will show that there are not huge numbers of them. But, unlike the sites run by the major corporations, preparation and resizing has to be done manually. If you have a small amount of time and skill to help us out, even occasionally, please contact us.

Support materials

We have a significant pre-internet archive that we are digitising, slowly. We currently don't have a budget for this and Angus is doing most of the scanning, digital translation work (OCR) and layout. If you can spare a few hours to help out with this on-going task, then contact us. All outputs are either made public or published in our VLE.


Work continues behind the scenes at - we are now building up a Virtual Learning Environment for our PDC students and graduates, with lots of links to videos as well as documents to read (both old and new). You are welcome to browse these if you have an existing account at the website.

Improved communications and security

We have upgraded our mailing facilities, and we continue working to comply with the new Data Protection regulations (GDPR). We also continue to take security seriously, to the point where we will not carry advertising or links to social media sites on our site. This is to ensure that we don't release any of our data to a third party. If you find our attempts to contact you are intrusive, please let us know immediately.

The site now has up-to-date security certificates. Account usernames and passwords haven't changed. But, if you haven't visited it for a while, and you have stored your login details on your device, you may find you have to reset any bookmarks you have made at the previous version of the site.

Open source and a free internet

Our website makes extensive use of Open Source software and Creative Commons licences. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact our web team to discuss further.


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