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Environment Weeks

Sheffield Environment weeks take place from April 25th to June 6th this year; much depleted because of the Covid-19 restrictions but its still worth looking at the environment weeks website to see what’s on offer. (all the year round events too!)

Throughout Sheffield and the surrounding area there are many organisations looking for people to support their work be it on the streets, in the field in the office or from home. Whatever your skills there’s a group that’s your ideal match. Prominent among them are

Heeley City Farm

In 1963 Sheffield city council agreed a bypass through Heeley splitting the local community. After 15 years of wrangling the plans were dropped but the neighbourhood was demolished anyway between 1978 and 1981. Heeley residents opposed the plan for an industrial development and the idea for the City Farm emerged. Work began on site in July that year with just a shed and £25 in the bank.

The Farm is now a well established community, not-for-profit charity and visitor attraction based on a working farm a mile from Sheffield city centre. Staff and volunteers from the farm work with young people, adults with learning disabilities and local communities across Sheffield to promote regeneration, environmental education, energy efficiency and health and well-being. Horticultural trainees, staff and volunteers also manage organic vegetable gardens at Meersbrook park, Wortley walled gardens and Firth Park allotments among others.

Heeley City Farm

The last remaining terraced house on the farm site has been eco-refurbished and now houses South Yorkshire Energy Centre, an interactive visitor and advice centre open to the public.

Heeley Energy Centre

Prior to the pandemic, Heeley City Farm was open 9 to 5 every day of the year except Christmas day and hopefully will return to this soon.

Greave House Farm Trust

Located right on the edge of the Peak District in a small town called Stocksbridge just north of Sheffield. The farm is at the top of a valley and has stunning views and wonderful walks nearby.

The Trust is a retired dairy farm that has been developed as a Care Farm by two families and the barns converted into their homes.

Visits can be arranged and courses such as Blacksmithing and willow weaving have been offered.

Volunteers and staff work with young people with disabilities. Regular volunteer working days outside on the farm and in the polytunnel took place before the Covid shut-down and will be reinstated a.s.a.p. Greave House Farm has a regular newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Greave House Course Group Planting at Greave House Farm
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Crabtree Ponds

Supported by Sheffield and Rotherham wildlife trust, Crabtree Ponds are one of the gems in my inner city area - Burngreave. Crabtree Ponds started life as an ornamental pond for Crabtree Lodge in the 19th Century and is now a large area of standing water abundant with aquatic life such as rudd, roach, perch, crucian carp, sticklebacks and even eels. Several species of local biodiversity priorities, such as hawker dragonflies, smooth and palmate newt, frogs and toads can also be found here and recently a kingfisher was spotted.

Crabtree Ponds

Quiz: how are you with your flowers and weeds?

  1. Which common wildflower plant has the name “pis-en-lit”; or “pissenlit” in France where it is sold in markets and eaten as a salad green, or sometimes cooked?
  2. Which flower gives it name to the colour of light at the short wavelength end of the visible spectrum?
  3. Which widespread plant, often associated with old buildings, gives its name to a group of prestigious US universities?
  4. What three letter word can precede all of the following to make the name of plant species? Holly, Kale, Lavender.
  5. Which flower takes its name from the Ancient Greek word for testicle?
  6. The singer of “Smile”, Harry Potter’s mother and Paul O’Grady former stage persona all share the same flowery first name. What is it?
  7. Name either of the two flowers which are named after marine molluscs?
  8. Which flower sounds like a trumpet?
  9. Which wildflower represents the elusive hero of Emma Orczy’s popular series of books and play?
  10. Which flower was adopted as a heraldic badge by Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York (1341–1402), the fourth surviving son of King Edward III of England?

Answers in the next issue.

Dandelion pioneer

Quiz set by Graham Jones of The Burngreave Messenger - many thanks, Graham!

Answers to Scarecrow quiz

  1. Brain
  2. Wurzel Gummidge
  3. Pink Floyd
  4. Batman
  5. Michael Jackson
  6. Daniel Defoe
  7. Japan
  8. B
  9. Russia
  10. Because he was outstanding in his field. Hay! It’s in his jeans…

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