A new year dawns

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A new year dawns…

Marie Louise Edwards

Some of us are now emerging from the deep hibernation, rest, contemplation or even seasonal illness that can engulf us in the darker days of the year. As the winter months come to an end, we feel the gentle stirring and movement of Spring. This is evident around us as crocuses unfurl and early daffodils begin to stand tall.

With Spring in the air, we might find ourselves reflecting on what might be achievable this year. As the pandemic moves through its endemic stage, we can engage with our world again in ways that were not possible over the past few years. Many have become tired of feeling isolated, trapped, confined or restricted. The challenges we have faced have been widespread and often hard to bear. Despite the polarisations evident in the media and the online world, many people still yearn for the possibility of genuine community and connection even though we may be holding differing views, ideas or even ideals to those around us.

From a permaculture perspective we may not wish to return to ‘normal’ as it was and we might also feel disinclined to further a ‘new normal’ that continues to support the dominant systems and structures as we have known them. Yet, imminent pressures such as the looming cost of living crisis mean engaging with healthy change is increasingly challenging for the majority. With food and fuel prices rising, as we consider how best to attend to these issues, we might marvel at how we have managed to survive thus far since the 2008 banking crisis. Years of austerity and hardship continue to impact and there has been no real ‘recovery’ in our day to day lives, regardless of any government proclamations.

In a world that demands more and more of us in terms of time, energy and resources and as reality bites deeper, we are going to have to find another way. The system as it functions currently isn’t going to help us. Fundamentally, we will have to help ourselves. At the very least, we may look around and recognise that we are in good company. The truckers in Canada, who did not agree with enforced controls have recently unified and organised in order to address the wrongdoings they perceive. Whatever our views may be on their actions, I wonder what it will take for us all to mobilise for the benefit of all life and each other. We can all be robbed through inflation and other such assaults, but our dreams are our own. There is much that can come from passive resistance, maintaining order without force and working for the benefit of others.

We look forward to working further with you this year, as together, we slowly co-create the vibrant, diverse and thriving world that we are all yearning for.

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