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The Film: Inhabit

An introduction to the gentle, steady and necessary transformation of our world through permaculture design.

This delightful film clearly demonstrates how the considered actions of a number of dedicated human beings from all walks of life have slowly and steadily begun to create a world that will support and sustain our future generations at the same time as enabling biodiversity across species.

Our attention is focussed in the United States as we are invited to witness a wide range of situations and settings, from small business and homestead to large farm scales in which permaculture design principles have been successfully implemented and worked with. The outcomes of which are inspiring and encouraging; from the reintroduction and return of diversity; thoughtfully designed systems generating balance and highly productive yields; through to rediscovering and utilising ancient practices. One notable technique that is experiencing a timely revival is growing porcini mushrooms by drilling holes in old wood logs and filling these with spores that when simply left in the forest to decompose generate the perfect conditions for fungi to flourish.

"The notion of ‘regeneration’ is proposed rather than simply ‘sustainability’"

Inhabit - the film

We are able to see the necessary value of our animal companions in action such as ducks who have an appetite for reducing the slug population and our grazing companions’ sheep and pigs who productively fertilise and maintain the quality of the soil.

The notion of ‘regeneration’ is proposed rather than simply ‘sustainability’ as it appears that when we work with permaculture principles we begin to see a return to abundance in terms of the quality and amount of produce, energy and time that becomes available to us. I’m not sure if it’s the cinematography but all the people in this film look exceptionally healthy and seem to have very clear, vibrant eyes! I suspect this must be due to all the high quality, readily available foods and plant medicines.

Overall, this is a wonderful introduction to the ideas of permaculture as we can see for ourselves how we can apply these ideas in our own lives and on a wider scale to bring forth a reality that benefits all ‘life’. A world that I am sure we would all ultimately enjoy to be a part of.

Marie Louise Edwards

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