Issue 1 Summer 2018

Marie sets the scene for this first issue and explains what moves us to produce our Journal.
What's On
Details of up-and-coming courses and events with the Northern School of Permaculture.
In this first issue we are interviewing Angus Soutar who is the Principal and Founder of the Northern School of Permaculture. Angus has over 25 years experience of practising and teaching permaculture.
Our regular contributors reflect on the summer season. They offer some suggestions on how to connect with the natural cycle of events reflecting on sunflowers, the heart and small intestine and luscious strawberries.
The featured permaculture design for this issue is Teresa Pereira's Seasonal Wellbeing Blueprint
Here and There
Reports from the Permaculture Scotland Gathering with Pittarthie Farm and Adaptation Scotland. We here from Asmelash Dagne Daiko in Ethiopia, also some other brief news items.
A look at what is on the road ahead, with a glimpse of our plans for a practical skills training programme that aims to help those who want to become more involved in implementing permaculture designs.
A short review of the film "Inhabit" - an introduction to the gentle, steady and necessary transformation of our world through permaculture design.
A place to distribute surplus and also ask for help. Features some information about developing our on-line resources for the School.
News, views and opinion, featuring a letter from Jane Wilding and correspondence about textiles with Maureen Boustred writing in about nettle yarn.