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We are emerging from our winter cocoons into the glorious outdoors and looking forward to teaching in the classroom again. The Bury PDC starts on 15th May at Manchester Road Community Arts Centre; and the eco-gardening workshops are also back, from May to October. You can join us to learn new skills while supporting the implementation of a one-acre permaculture garden in Hyde.

Permaculture Design Course in North Manchester

PDC Bury 2020 people

This certificated Permaculture Design Course was postponed because of restrictions and will now start in May . There are still places available. Please share with friends and organisations who may be interested, and prefer the physical classroom environment.

Tell your friends! Poverty need not prevent people from attending. Payment plans may be negotiated with those who have difficulty finding the course fee. For more information, see our website.

More about the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

The Northern School of Permaculture delivers, amongst other things, the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC). This is open to anyone who wants to create a sane and safe future for themselves, their friends and their families. The course is based on the pioneering work of Bill Mollison and follows the international curriculum of 72 course hours, as originally designed by Bill himself. Our lead trainer is Angus Soutar who has over 25 years experience of practising and teaching permaculture design. Angus is accredited internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).

Stay connected before, during and after the Permaculture Design Course

Ecological Gardening Workshops

The eco-gardening programme is suitable for students who are new to permaculture design and for students who have completed Permaculture Design Courses.

The day courses and workshops are taking place at a riverside, one-acre permaculture garden. We start on Saturday, 15th May with Edible Polycultures for Spring and Summer and continue on a monthly basis until October. Explore the programme and register here.

Urban Gardening

Alumni! Join your Telegram Group!

There is a now a Telegram Alumni private group for our PDC graduates. It is a great space to get feedback on your projects, find news from the graduates’ guild and stay tuned to current events. A lot of educational resources being shared as well.

If you have a PDC completion certificate from the Northern School, join the group. With individual course social media channels, activity tends to fizzle out after a while, so the Alumni chat is ideal for staying in touch with a wider pool of course graduates.

Telegram is a versatile and secure messaging application: first download, install and activate your account, then join 'Alumni Northern School of Permaculture' via this link. When you join, say Hello! We look forward to hearing or reading your news.


The app has a neat display system for shared files: it sorts media, documents and links in separate tabs, and shows the respective thumbnails or lists. It makes it easy to access any media, docs and links, without downloading to your device. It all stays in the cloud, unless you want to download.

Another useful feature is free audio calls with several people in conference, which is something we haven't used yet and intend to explore. If you don't like to type or can't overdo it, you can broadcast audio messages.

We chose Telegram, mainly because it offers full functionality in all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Plus, it appears to be free from data harvesting and privacy invasion. So, take your pick from your devices or install across all your favourite ones. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Download the app from your app store or from their website

Seasonal Talks

Our guild of teachers, graduates and associates delivers occasional talks on topics under the overarching theme - Resilience.

Featured Speakers Seasonal Talks

The seasonal talks are open to all, whether you’re only permaculture curious, a newcomer, a current student or a seasoned practitioner. You can survey our social landscape and keep up with the team.

The Summer series starts from June, one Thursday a month. As Spring, the harbinger of light returns, we will meet online less often, to make time to garden and enjoy the warmer weather. Stay tuned.

Would you like to organise an event in collaboration with the Northern School?

Get in touch: on Telegram @teresa_pereira or via our staff contact page

Events Coordinator Teresa Pereira

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