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Angus Soutar looks at the current state of vehicle design and asks whether the vehicle industry can be in any way sustainable.
Here and There
We report on recent activities at the Northern School, including this year's permaculture design courses in Bury and in Broadbottom. We have a project running at Wardley Hall and there were visits to The Land and also to the University of Cumbria.
Autumn is the time to prepare for the winter ahead. This year, there is a also bigger challenge - to prepare for a posssible economic winter.
While Krysia enjoys the warmth of a hot summer she reflects on energy and how important it is for us to capture sunlight. She is inspired by the work of Jairo Restrepo and his partnership with Ragmans Farm. Krysia also includes a recipe for strawberry jelly made with agar flakes.
Krysia Soutar pays tribute to Edward Esko for his contribution to the future well-being of both people and planet. She highlights his research into "bearded" grains, published in his last book "Lightfood". Also, there is a link to his work on energy from algae.
Our abandoned coal mines hold an important source of heat that could be of great benefit to local communities.
Marie reflects on the interplay between the polarities of "masculine" and "feminine" energies during the design process and the transformation of our relationships with Nature. Krysia compares the polarities of "germ theory" and "terrain theory" in health and offers some tips on nutrition to help the immune system.
Correspondence from Helen Mary Braithwaite and Nigel Stewart
Krysia reviews the film "The Need to Grow"
Facing up to an uncertain future.