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Maureen Boustred remembers arriving on the North Downs in Kent - another in the series of reminiscences on a "sustainable" country life in the 1960's
Abigail Woodman explores the power of a 'Yes' campaign that is mobilising a local community in East London
Chris Gathercole discusses his approach to community activity with Angus Soutar. In this final part, we discuss how to go about establishing a community project.
As we progress through to the end of a challenging year, we prepare for change and look to enhance our resilience.
Marie reflects on the recent virus pandemic and what we can learn from it
Chris Gathercole talks to Angus Soutar about starting the Forest Garden in the Lancashire village of Whalley, sharing his experiences of community activity.
Chris Gathercole talks to Angus Soutar about the challenges of getting going with community projects.
Let's continue to connect and, through our actions, provide inspiration to others.
Here and There
Graduation at Bury, Localism at The Eight Day, more work at Brindhurst Farm
What's On
Details of up-and-coming courses and events with the Northern School of Permaculture.
Krysia visits the site of the Maternity Home where she worked in Fife and reflects on the decline of local buildings and services.
The interview with Angus Soutar continues, and we have a reminiscence with Maureen Boustred about land on the North Downs in East Kent.
Design in action during the current virus pandemic: the Community Mask Coalition from Suay Sew Shop and innovation at Bradford Royal Infirmary.