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PDC Broadbottom PDC Bury PDC Todmorden Angus Soutar

In this issue, we have reports from the PDC's in Broadbottom, Bury and at Todmorden.

PDC at Broadbottom

This year's PDC at Broadbottom has come to an end with a virtuoso medley of designs from the participants' own projects. Everyone demonstrated how much they have learned during the course and how they have begun to put that onto practice. It was a heart-warming day as we watched these future pioneers as they begin to effect the changes that we all working towards.

Permaculture Design presentation Permaculture Design Course
Broadbottom Community Centre Permaculture Design presentation

Broadbottom has proved a good venue for the course. We have been lucky with the weather and we are looking forward to having another design course running there soon. Thanks are due to Paula Moses and the Broadbottom Community Association for their help and support.

Broadbottom Community Centre Nature at Broadbottom

Another year at Manchester Road Community Centre

This year's PDC marks 10 years of PDC courses at the Centre (although the 2020 course was evicted by pandemic restrictions). The course has started on a high with the best of the summer weather allowing us to work outdoors with no need for the temporary gazebo shelter that we had to use because of the restrictions of 2021.

It would be interesting to hear from previous graduates about the improvements that we have introduced to the course over the past 10 years. Whatever those responses may be, the standard of new participants seems to get better each year and we need to match that as we go forward

Permaculture Design Permaculture Design Course
Manchester Road Community Centre Permaculture Design  in Bury

High summer is a great time to explore niches in the suburban environment and also have a cooling break by the river Roche.

River Roche near Manchester Road, Bury Manchester Road Community Centre, Bury
The river Roche near the Centre. Our host Jack Wright (Prestwich PDC 2012) outside the Centre

PDC at Todmorden Community Hub

Our PDC in Todmorden got off to a cracking start with a strong teaching team including Darren Roberts and Sara Steeles, both of whom are praticing permaculture in the immediate vicinty.

This course has also had the benefit of the fine summer weather which has allowed us to go out and enjoy some of the delights of being in Todmorden.

Todmorden Communiy Hub Permaculture Design Course
Angus Soutar Todmorden Permaculture Design Darren Roberts Permaculture Design Warland Farm

Todmorden Community Hub is proving a great venue and it's good to enjoy some purpose-built facilities for a change.

News in brief

While we were in the process of publishing this issue we received the sad news that Saleema Imam had died peacefully on the 26th of August after a short illness. Saleema was a long-term supporter o the Northern School and the Permaculture Institute of North Britain. We hope to bring you more about Saleema in a future issue. Meanwhile, our thoughts are with her family.

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