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Permaculture Design Course at Warland Farm

Angus Soutar

The revival of our in-person courses has picked up speed. We have made a lively start to the Permaculture Design course at Warland Farm near Todmorden. This is a joint venture with the School for Sustainable Living which is based at the Warland community and it is a great opportunity to get a good look at all the excellent work that David and Monica have done at the Farm so far.

Warland Farm Warland landscape
Warland community Warland forest garden
Extensive planting on the steep slopes Inspecting the new forest garden

We are enjoying the fresh air while at the same time attempting to keep the cold and rain at bay. The lessons on resiliance and adaptation go beyond ideas presented in a classroom; we learn them directly from the landscape!

Warland Farm ducks Warland permaculture duck
Pro-duck-tivity is a northern tradition A Duke and his duck counterpart

Autumn Social

September saw the more confident souls among us gathering together at Paula's garden at Summerbottom. For those who were involved in our first fully on-line PDC it was the first time they had met one-another in person. A particularly good celebration!

We took the opportunity to present some course completion certificates to those who missed the traditional celebrations of the final course days that were cancelled because of the pandemic. We hope to continue this at future events until we have shaken the pandemic from off our shoulders. Our graduates have put in too much work to certificated without any of their friends to congratulate them.

Permaculture design Northern School community social
Permaculture certificates 1 Permaculture certificates 2

We also grabbed the chance to explore the "hanging gardens of Summerbottom" and catch up with the work done on the recent practical permaculture and eco-gardening workshops that have found a good home on this site. September was also a grand time of year to do a bit of food foraging!

Permaculture design Permaculture social

The day went so well that we resolved to hold our winter social gathering back at Summerbottom at the end of November. With luck, there will be a report in our next issue.

Permaculture Design at Manchester Road Community Centre

The permaculture design course in Bury goes from strength to strength; we are all making rapid progress, both as individuals and as a group. Already our participants are showing a sound grasp of permaculture design and they are becoming a resource for their families and respective communities.

We are also deepening our understanding of Nature through exploring the suburban environment, which is full of surprises once you know what you are looking at.

Manchester Road Community Centre Bury Design Course
Bury permaculture Permaculture Design

This course is full of hardy perennials - students and teachers alike. We have now delivered seven days out in the fresh air, without the aid of electricity or heating. We will only be driven indoors by the dark days of winter. Meanwhile, it has been fun following the seasons (and following in the footsteps of our ancestors in coping with the weather).

Manchester Road Community Centre Bury Design Course

We must give a huge vote of thanks to Jack, Mike, Andy and friends for continuing to create a suitable working environment, both inside and out-of-doors at the Centre.

News from Třemešek

The pig squad was moved off the terrace and onto fresh grass after 26 days. They were followed by the chicken batallion...

chickens at Třemešek design of chicken house terracing land at Třemešek
Terracing at Třemešek

News in brief

Deborah Crook has sent in an article about her new life in Finland. You can read it in our current Yourspace section.

Martine Drake dropped by to see us as part of her recent regional tour. She is still supporting permaculture projects in North London.

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