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Community Publishing

We have written earlier about the current challenges to community publishing and how, at the Northern School of Permaculture, we are meeting those challenges head-on. We are continuing to monitor the threats of disruption, censorship and even cancellation of on-line content, taking those threats into account as we move forward.

The on-line version of Northern Edge is in the front line of those efforts and we want to share our "leading edge" expertise more widely. If you want to learn more about community publishing in a rapidly-changing environment, then you could consider working with us to get first-hand experience.

Contributing to Northern Edge is not just about writing. Like any community effort, there are a wide range of skills that can be put to good use. We invite you to join our growing team of publishers without making any big commitments; after all, it will only be on an "occasioinal" basis. We can't provide much money, but we can give training and support so you can build your skills an experience in this emerging field.

We could do with help in several different areas:

  • editing articles If you like working with the English language, and want to know more about it, then you can help our experienced (and busy) editors. If you fancy a bit of proof-reading, then you will get a preview of all sorts of interesting articles to work on.

  • If your talents are more suited to organising and communicating, then we could use them in commissioning articles especially for the "Here and There", "Noticeboard" and "Your Space" sections.

  • indexing and tagging this is a job for people who like curating things and helping people to find them. As we approach our 20th issue, being able to find previous articles becomes increasingly important. And our articles are open to internet searches, which we can assist if we keep our attention to detail in our content.

  • We also need help with image selection and processing to keep the issues attractive and visually interesting.

  • And then there is the technical publishing to assure that communications between contributors, and with the server itself, continue to run smoothly.

A further attraction could be our use of open source methods, tools and platforms to ensure we have the most resilient publications.

Without the writers, however, we wouldn't have Northern Edge, so we are always happy to get content from you, from the shortest of news articles to the longer opinion pieces.

Join us at the new frontier of publishing.

Contact us.

Open source and a free internet

Our website makes extensive use of Open Source software and Creative Commons licences. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact our web team to discuss further.



You may submit requests for help with your projects, or offer to share your surpluses here.

Maureen Boustred has some spare sets of the Frank Newman-Turner books (see Issue 5):

  • Fertility Farming
  • Herdsmanship
  • Fertility Pastures and
  • Cure Your Own Cattle.

Available only as complete sets @ £35 per set including postage.

You can contact Maureen here.

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