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Be "In-Tune" with Nature

A Blue Mind - in tune with Water

Krysia Soutar

To be in-tune with the winter season we need to conserve our energies, allow ourselves to ‘slow down’, be mindful of our actions and take time to rest. It is the season to be creative with new ideas. which we can plant within our minds as seeds. We can then allow them to grow in the springtime and come to fruition in the autumn.

During winter we need extra minerals for maintaining healthy bones. We can eat more seaweed rich in minerals from our local area. You will probably need to take extra vitamin D if you live in a four-season climate.

Winter is associated with ‘water’ energy. Water is the source of all life: it makes our planet special.

Neuroscientists can now explain how our brains work. According to Wallace Nichols, "this generation is the first with a users guide to the human brain’and he asks the question -‘What will we do with it"?

Permaculture education helps to raise our awareness of nature and our place within it. Anything that helps us get there more quickly and wisely must be good for us. We can use this knowledge to improve our resilience over the coming years.

A tool to transform your life.

"Water quietens all the noise, all the distractions, and connects you to your own thoughts." says Wallace J Nichols, a US Marine Biologist and ocean advocate, who studied the effects of water on the functioning of our brains. We all have a ‘blue mind’ triggered when we are near or in water.

He defined a blue mind as a "mildly meditative state characterised by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life at that moment” When we are in this mind state we are more creative, ideas come more easily.

He recommends that we take time to practice this on a daily basis. We can then become more positive and happier and hopefully function better as a human being. In this video, he explores the neuroscience of our brains in nature and posits that our love of the natural world holds the key to preserving it.

“My intention is to reconnect people with Mother Nature”
See book: ‘Blue Mind’

We are living in a time of excess use of 'fire' energy. Our use of fossil fuels, pollution on the land and in the sea, all linked to man’s desire for more and more, leading to collapse of our ecosystems and creating a world of greed and now war.

Our human species is hardwired to attune to Nature, from the smallest soil organisms to the broadest ecosystem. We can draw on this awareness and use it to avoid future catastrophe. We know that Water can control and put out Fire, so we can concentrate on physical and energetic renewal of the waters of our planet. Let’s move our attention to supporting a healthy water cycle on the planet.

This may change our current trajectory from one of chaos to a more peaceful and healthy world.

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