Issue 14 Autumn 2021

We attend to the basic things in life and create the future with our own hands.
What's On
Details of up-and-coming courses and events with the Northern School of Permaculture.
Krysia reflects on the human microbiome and serves us an autumnal recipe with apples and nuts. Edwina provides us with some herbal options for natural cough medicine.
Here and There
Angus Soutar reports on recent activities at the Northern School, including the current permaculture design courses and the Northern School social events. Jakub Drew sends more photos from the new terraces at Třemešek
Angus asks if we are underestimating the threat to our autonomy and well-being that arise when we use the internet.
From Sheffield
Saleema gives us some diversions for the long winter evenings ahead.
Deborah Crook goes on an adventure and finds what she is looking for - in Finland.