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Saleema Imam

Eating in the 1950's

Times change. Seventy years ago:

  • pasta was something that we didn't eat
  • Curry was a surname
  • a takeaway was a problem in arithmetic
  • a pizza had something to do with a leaning tower
  • there were two varieties of potato crisps - one with salt, one without
  • rice was eaten as part of a pudding with milk
  • a Big Mac was something we wore when it was raining
  • brown bread was something only poor people ate
  • oil was used for lubrication, we used fat for cooking
  • tea was made in a teapot
  • cubed sugar was regarded as posh
  • fish didn't have fingers
  • eating raw fish was an indication of extreme poverty
  • yoghurt? avocado? what language is this?
  • people who didn't peel potatoes were considered lazy
  • a visit to an Indian restaurant meant taking a trip to India
  • cooking outside was called "camping"
  • kebab? that's not even a word
  • prunes were medicinal
  • mueseli was readily available - but as food for cows and horses.

As for water, it came out of a tap. If you had suggested that one day it would come out of a bottle, and cost more than petrol, then everyone would laugh and laugh.

Finally, no elbows on the table (smartphones were not invented yet, or they would not be allowed either).

Haven't we have come a long way since then?

Conference of the Parties #26

The COP26 conference was held recently in Glasgow. We have received this report on the outcomes from Ken Munn.

Ken Munn COP26

Permaculture Autumn quiz

  1. Which poet wrote “Ode to Autumn”?
  2. What type of animal is the whip-poor-will which occurs in at least two songs in the American songbook?
  3. Which species of mammal, living in England (but not Scotland or Wales) is named after an agricultural activity?
  4. Which group originally sang the 1967 top ten song “Autumn almanac” with the opening line “From the dew-soaked hedge creeps a crawly caterpillar”?
  5. In which Yorkshire prison did the song “Here we go round the mulberry bush” originate?
  6. Spindle shanks, hen of the woods, the sickener all types of what?
  7. A large vagrant bird drew birdwatchers from all the UK to the Peak district in Summer 2020. What type of bird was it?
  8. Which English city has held a Goose Fair in the Autumn for over seven hundred years ( but not in 2020 and 2021)?
  9. Who wrote “The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin”?
  10. The “ Great October Revolution” actually happened on the 7th November 1917 (by our calendar)! In which country?

Answers in our next issue.

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