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Our current programme of face-to-face courses is is well underway. Details of design courses starting in 2022 will be available soon on our website and in our next issue.

Barefoot surveying

“Barefoot surveying” and Mapping

A two-day workshop at Broadbottom

We are back in action on 19th March 2022 with a practical session on surveying slopes and contours to help with the development of the delightful Summerbottom site at Broadbottom, near Hyde, Cheshire. This will be followed by a day on the 26th March where we will look at various ways of mapping the survey results.

On the first day, we will use basic surveying techniques, including those using equipment constructed entirely on-site out of commonly available materials (no batteries required!). Participants will get “hands on” experience with this equipment. We will also be introducing some of the 20th Century versions of instruments such as the dumpy level and the inclinometer (still no batteries required). We will look at the various ways of establishing levels and contours on the site, leading to a layout for swales and diversion drains for future implementation.

A-frame A-frames

On the follow-up day, we will look at ways of representing the data, examining the different types of maps available as base maps and looking at the various overlays. Basic mapping techniques will be used to plot contours onto an existing site plan in the first stage of the design of a water distribution system for the site.

Further details are on our website.

Greening the city

Ecological Gardening Essential Training Programme

We are back in action, from 12th of February 2022 with the series of day courses and practical workshops you asked for to get you up and gardening with nature's patterns.

The 2022 programme of day courses and workshops runs from mid February to early April 2022 and consists of 5 modules. This programme is designed as a foundation in ecological gardening essential training when you attend all 5 day courses. Alternatively, you can attend each module as stand alone day courses. Choose what best suits your needs and level of experience.

In the current programme, you can learn how to build healthy soil by selecting the ideal composting systems for your specific needs and site, how to embed self-watering systems in the garden that work for you and your plants, how to structure permanent planting schemes in your garden with perennial plants, and how to get started with edible polycultures to grow organic produce all year round.

The eco-gardening programme is suitable for students who are new to permaculture design and for students who have completed Permaculture Design Courses.

The day courses and workshops take place at Paula Moses' Summerbottom permaculture garden, a riverside, one-acre eco-garden at Broadbottom, Hyde. We combine theory modules with practical activities on all course modules.

Full Course

When you book on the 5 modules of the Ecological Gardening Essential Training programme there is a 25 % discount. Find out more and booking

Ecological gardens composting

Modular Course Days

Polycultures for Spring and Summer 12.02.2022 - From window box to market garden you will learn how to design effortless planting schemes that nurture soil, wildlife and people. First, we will explore the secrets of polycultures by learning the underlying principles that create successful communities of plants, and how you can use these effective patterns during the growing season. Read more and booking information

Gardening with Perennials 19.02.2022 - Learn how to apply the ecological patterns found in forests to design permanent edible and medicinal cultivated habitats. These patterns of cultivation can be applied to any scale, from a patio or balcony garden to any acreage, although the focus of this workshop will be on urban settings, ranging from private to community garden spaces. Read more and book

The Art of Composting 26.02.2022 - Unlock the mysteries of soil to design efficient polycultures. Soil is the foundation of the garden. How would you design efficient composting systems that fit your site's needs, your lifestyle and available time and resources? If you want answers, you will find them on this course. Read more and booking information

Self-watering Gardens 05.03.2022 - In our temperate climate, we are blessed with an abundance of rain. However, we often get too much at times, and occasionally, when most needed, none at all. Learn the theory and practice of efficient self-watering systems for any size garden. Drought proof your garden and go on holidays knowing your plants shall be well watered. Read more and booking information

Polycultures for Autumn and Winter 02.04.2022 - With appropriate knowledge and planning, we can still grow plenty at this time of the year. We will explore polyculture patterns, learning the underlying principles that create successful communities of plants, and how you can use these patterns to combine annual, and perennial, edible plants to mitigate the 'hungry gap'. Then, we will practice how to design and plant an edible polyculture garden bed for the cold season. Read more and booking information

More about the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC)

The Northern School of Permaculture delivers, amongst other things, the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC). This is open to anyone who wants to create a sane and safe future for themselves, their friends and their families. The course is based on the pioneering work of Bill Mollison and follows the international curriculum of 72 course hours, as originally designed by Bill himself. Our lead trainer is Angus Soutar who has 30 years experience of practising and teaching permaculture design. Angus is accredited internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).

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Staying connected

If you are a graduate of one of our design courses, you can link up with fellow graduates and the core team on our Alumni Telegram Group. You can find more details in the "What's On" of spring this year.

Get in touch: on Telegram @teresa_pereira or via our staff contact page

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If you haven't studied with us before, consider attending one of our events or courses.

If you are friends and colleagues, old and new, we invite you to:

  • help out on one of our courses or drop in on our PDC sessions to catch-up or update your knowledge - contact Angus on Telegram @angssoutar or via our staff contact page
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