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Community Publishing and The Internet

The on-line version of Northern Edge is a community service rather than a commercial one. Community service involves community effort and being part of that effort brings its own rewards.

However, the last few years have seen changes to the landscape of the Internet - not all of them welcome. We have already started to outline the potential threats that this brings to Community Publishing, and we will continue to write about them. Over the last 12 months we have seen increases in the disruption, censorship and even cancellation of on-line content and contributors.

We are designing our publications to be more resilient within this environment and we are happy to share our experiences with like-minded people. If you want to learn more about community publishing in this rapidly-changing environment, then you could consider working with us to produce some of our articles or issues.

Contributing to Northern Edge is not just about writing. Help with editing and commissioning is always very welcome, especially for the "Here and There", "Noticeboard" and "Your Space" sections. We also need help with image selection and processing to keep the issues attractive and visually interesting. And then there is the technical management to assure that communications between contributors, and with the server itself, continue to run smoothly.

But without the writers, we wouldn't have Northern Edge, so we are always happy to get content from you, from the shortest news articles to the longer opinion pieces.

We will be happy for you to join us at the new frontier of publishing.

Contact us.

Open source and a free internet

Our website makes extensive use of Open Source software and Creative Commons licences. If you are interested in this, feel free to contact our web team to discuss further.



You may submit requests for help with your projects, or offer to share your surpluses here.

Maureen Boustred has some spare sets of the Frank Newman-Turner books (see Issue 5):

  • Fertility Farming
  • Herdsmanship
  • Fertility Pastures and
  • Cure Your Own Cattle.

Available only as complete sets @ £35 per set including postage.

You can contact Maureen here.

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