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Amidst all the turmoil, we rest, recuperate and reflect…

Marie Louise Edwards

Welcome to our first 2021 edition of Northern Edge. We hope that this finds you and your loved ones keeping well and that you had an enjoyable holiday season. Sadly, our pandemic situation appears to have been escalating here in the UK and so we are continuing to find ways to take care of ourselves and those around us as effectively as possible. This may mean paying attention to what we eat, getting enough sleep, exercising, engaging with activities we enjoy and so forth. We can also take some time to reflect, in keeping with the season, on all that has passed and even consider what we could have gained through all we endured in 2020.

Adaptability and versatility are core skills that many of us have developed further over the past year, to our own benefit, although often out of necessity. We may also be recognising our inner resilience and resourcefulness that perhaps we didn’t know we had. The concept of post-traumatic growth has gained traction in recent years. It is widely acknowledged that through undergoing significant trials, tribulations and even traumas we may come to greater levels of psychological functioning. We might find that as we move through a period of profound change and disruption, that this leads to an enhanced awareness of both our inner and outer realities. Such monumental shifts in consciousness often involve a spiritual component to our experiences too. It may be that, in retrospect, challenging experiences can be found to be meaningful and ultimately positive in how they contribute to our ways of being in the world. Such outcomes can also depend on prior life experiences we may have had and how we are able to be supported during these difficult times.

And so, once again we return to the notion of community and how often we benefit from being held, in mutuality, with those who are undergoing similar changes. The power of being with others, who are equally able to face the challenges we are encountering without denying the reality can be comforting. Many of our comrades are also actively seeking solutions and are taking action which can be enlivening, as we mobilise with a shared sense of purpose. It is often useful to learn valuable skills from others, such as from our regular contributor, Edwina Hodkinson with regards to which herbs may aid us in maintaining a healthy immune system and to seek support from each other in relation to our own food growing projects. Seed sharing, as encouraged and supported by Sara Steeles recently, contributes to diversifying our foods. The truth is we don’t have to face these difficulties on our own in isolation; we really do have each other.

And so, as we move into 2021, we invite you to continue to collaborate with us as we advance in generating a world of health and vitality, even if that seems a long distance from where we are now. Everything begins somewhere and we all have a part to play. Wishing you a productive, adaptive and growth enabling year. Please do feel free to connect with us and to contribute to Northern Edge should that be something you are drawn to.

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