Issue 21 Summer 2023

Death is Mother Nature's way of telling you to slow down? Angus Soutar contemplates the road ahead.
What's On
Details of up-and-coming courses and events with the Northern School of Permaculture, Summer 2023
Here and There
Angus Soutar reports on recent activities at the Northern School, including this year's permaculture design courses in Bury, Todmorden and in Broadbottom.
Teresa Pereira goes on an adventure with Slow Travel in an attempt to be more caring of the planet and finds that the inconvenience and the expense makes the alternative of air travel seem attractive.
Angus Soutar writes about Net Zero, Net Zealotry and other Climate Policies and asks whether current "targets" are mere fantasies. Part 1 of a series on a permaculture approach to motoring.